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T-Minus 5 Days


There are just five days until September 9th when Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It's a Narwhal) is launched. I don't want to blow up your inbox, but with the word "launch," I feel the need to do a countdown. So, I'll be sending one short post per day over the next five days. Each post will thematically align to the number day it is. Today is Day 5.

There are three strategy chapters in Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It's a Narwhal) and each strategy is numbered. Strategy 5 in the chapter, "Compliant: Now What" is called "My Favorite No." The strategies in this chapter are designed to help people go from compliance to interested--a positive shift towards greater engagement. Though there are many strategies in the book that I personally developed, I cannot take credit for this one, which was shared with me years ago in the video below from the Teaching Channel. In the video you will see math teacher, Leah Alcala, selecting a really good example of a wrong answer to demonstrate to students how mistakes can be instructive. You don't have to be a math teacher to use this strategy. What's more, it's a great example of how sometimes small changes to how we approach our students can make a BIG difference!  This video is worth the 5 minutes it will take to watch it.

Here is the strategy as it is written in my book.

My Favorite No
Download PDF • 676KB

Have a great rest of your Saturday and look for the "T-Minus 4 Days" post tomorrow!


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