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Engagement is Not a Unicorn


New York State Master Teacher, Professor, and Co-Founder of Access Math

This book defines what engagement in classrooms could be. It provides a clear understanding for why engaging and disengaging behaviors exist and offers actionable strategies and resources for teachers to bring students to the highest level of engagement. Any teacher, administrator, or parent would benefit from the insight and ideas this book provides.”


Teacher and Executive Coach

Engagement, engagement, engagement…we hear that word all the time, but what does it really mean? How do I really make an impact on students in my district, in my school, or in my classroom? Not only will you learn practical strategies that will have an immediate impact on your educational world, but Dr. Heather Lyon will also take you on a personal journey to a new understanding around what ‘real’ engagement is. You will be a more engaged educator and a more engaged person as a result of reading Engagement is Not a Unicorn, (It’s a Narwhal).


Teacher and Education Consultant

Heather has done what few authors in the education space have done...she has taken a theoretical concept like learner engagement and has made it relevant and practical to teachers and leaders at all levels. Her humor, storytelling ability, and research-based frameworks make this a fun and relevant book. It belongs in the hands of every teacher, leader, parent, or anyone looking to move a team from disengaged to completely absorbed in the mission, vision, values, and goals of the group.


Teacher and Supervisor of Instructional Programs

As an educator and administrator, true engagement has always been elusive, scarce, and difficult to describe.  Heather Lyon has provided both a language and a framework to have conversations about the very essence of teaching and learning. Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It’s a Narwhal) is a must-read for every educator and anyone who does professional development.


Teacher, Technology Integrator, and Staff Developer

Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It’s a Narwhal) is a thoughtful perspective on the different levels of engagement.  It seeks to identify methods that teachers can utilize to create engagement in their classroom, but also highlights that engagement can come in many forms. Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It’s a Narwhal) recognizes the differences between the various levels of engagement that can be demonstrated by students in a classroom. It was an excellent look into the rationale as to how and why students are willing to learn.

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