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Chapter 3, "The Engagement Framework: Now What" in Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It's a Narwhal), is what I like to think of as the Call To Action chapter. It follows the first two chapters which explain the "What" and "So What" of the Engagement Framework. What I love about Chapter 3 is that it reminds readers that reading a book like this one needs to be an action of more than just reading; it needs to be an action of change.

Chapter 3 is the reminder of what I call the three persistent questions:

  1. THREE: Before you read, identify at least three people with whom you will share the ideas you’re having as a result of your reading. It doesn’t matter with whom or how you will share your ideas, it just matters that you will share.

  2. TWO: As you’re reading, find at least two ideas that change you…it may be because you are surprised or unsure or intrigued. It doesn’t matter why you change; you’re just noting the change.

  3. ONE: When you’re done reading, apply at least one idea. Don’t limit yourself to a professional application, it could just as easily be a personal one. The point is that you do more than just read and think about engagement—it’s that you take what you’ve read and thought and do something with it.

These questions are included at the end of every chapter in the book to be the reminder readers need to do more than just read--they need to take action. As I say on page 30,

"Reading this book is just the first step towards change. The change will always remain theoretical if you do not put it into practice."

Preview Chapter 3 by downloading it here. Until tomorrow...

Chapter 3
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