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Updated: Sep 9, 2023


I want to share a video with you this week. The video is less than 90 seconds. Please be sure to watch it before you read any more of this Letter.

No. For real. Watch the video before reading anything else.

Did you watch it yet?


Since you are almost never going to:

  • Count the number of times a ball is passed

  • Have someone afterward tell you the correct number a ball was passed

  • Have someone tell you that you may have missed a HUGE piece of what else was going on

Here’s the question that we have to ask ourselves after watching the video…In what ways is selective attention limiting our ability to see what is really going on around us and what might we do in response to this?


P.S. My Catch of the Week is Joe Jacobs, owner of Nickel City Sound & Media. I met Joe through his behind-the-scenes work with Steve Barkley (who I’ve had the great pleasure of being a guest on his podcast, Steve Barkly Ponders Out Loud–including my most recent podcast episode, “We Are All Leaders”). As a result, I reached out to Joe to see if he would be willing and able to assist me with turning Engagement is Not a Unicorn (It’s a Narwhal) into an audiobook. Joe was so encouraging, patient, and skilled in his work and I couldn’t recommend his services more to anyone who has recording needs! You don’t even have to be local to use his services since he’s very skilled with remote work too. Thanks in no small part to Joe, I am excited to share this link to the audiobook! I couldn’t have done it without Joe and Nickle City Sound & Media!

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Feb 02, 2023

CONGRATULATIONS on your audio book. Yet, another, proud Mommy moment ❤️

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