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The Things We Carry

Originally published on February 20, 2020

Happy Thursday,

Last week the keynote speaker on our Superintendent’s Conference Day for the secondary folks spoke about the fact that we all have an “invisible backpack” we carry and no one knows what’s inside of it by looking at us. In my “invisible backpack” I carry my large parcel of fear and doubt. I often feel like I’m an imposter. I know that I am surrounded by highly skilled, intelligent, talented, and caring people who deserve not just my best but the best. I want to live up to those expectations just like everyone else and my self-talk can be self-deprecating. This is probably why I really appreciate verbal praise (since I don’t give it to myself). I promise that I’m not sharing this to get verbal praise—I’m sharing this to be vulnerable and to demonstrate that I have trust in you. Further, that I can’t ask you to trust me if I’m unwilling or unable to lower my guard and show you who I am both on the outside but also on the inside.

So, no matter what your frequency or depth of reading the Letters I am just grateful to work with people who make me feel safe enough to share them. Thank you. Though I really like words, in this moment I am speechless.

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